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Quest Hand Held Household Steam Cleaner

Quest Hand Held Household Steam Cleaner
  • Quest Hand Held Household Steam Cleaner
  • Quest Hand Held Household Steam Cleaner
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Steam cleaning can decontaminate, sterilize and disinfect its surfaces by means of enhancing the moving speed of dirt, because of high temperature and press.
Bad smells, lime deposit, soap scum, mildew, grease and various other stains will be gone in a short time.Useful all around the house including the kitchen, bathroom, lounge, floor and play areas.
This steam cleaner is so light you can clean daily uneasy places such as windowsill's, get right down into the hard to reach corners which are likely to grow mould and mildew. Even use it with outdoor equipment such as courtyard furniture.
Attachments included
• Squeegee attachment 
• Funnel 
• Towel Sleeve 
• Door/Window nozzle 
• Measuring Cup 
• Long spray nozzle 
• Round Brush nozzle 
• Bent Spray 
• Flexible Extension
• Showers: tiles /grout / doors 
• Bath / sink surrounds 
• Kitchen tiles / grout / worktops 
• Work surfaces 
• Windows 
• Carpets, Rugs 
• Curtains 
• Upholstery 
• Even removes creases from clothes
• Voltage: 220-240v ~ 50Hz 
• Wattage: 900 - 1050W 
• Tank capacity 250ml 
• Max capacity of water cup: 175ml 
• Steam Pressure: 0.25MPa ~ 0.5MPa 
• Injected Steam capacity: 28g/min 
• Temperature controller functioning temp: 135C 
• Fuser functioning temp: 169C 
• Overall dimensions: 420 x 150 x 255mm 
• Weight: 1.36kg


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